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Flydragon Technology Co., Ltd., located at Pilot Free Trade Zone ,Xiamen city, is a professional company dedicated in design, research and develop high performance state-of-the-art industrial connectors of choice for technologically advanced products with environmentally friendly results ,committed to solving high-end connectivity solutions. Having experienced management team with international vision and high quality staff, Flydragon Technology Co., Ltd., is fully responsible for sales of CNLINKO brand industrial connectors produced by SHENZHEN LINKO ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. in overseas market.

LINKO adhere to the philosophy of continuous innovation with high quality, have advanced production technology , powerful laboratory, stable and reliable management process, strict supply chain management and excellent research and development team, not only to ensure the quality of products and innovation,  is aslo leading the industrial connector industry in China and become a benchmarking enterprise.

By insisting the quality policy of "honesty, quality first; leading technology, excellence;  customer first, timely delivery; full participation, continuous improvement ", LINKO get CCC, UL, CE, RoHS, ISO9001 certification. In year 2016, LINKO was granted as "national high-tech enterprise",  products got more than 30 technology patents which proved its achievements in innovation . Keeping innovative thinking in mind, LINKO provides the best connectivity solutions specially for various harsh and rugged environment, at the same time, also supply the customized connectivity solutions with maximized efficiency and benefits according to different industrial applications , products range from IP65 to IP68.

Without doubt, customer recognize and trust our products, due to the reason that our products are superior in quality , but also have high performance price ratio. Selling well in all major cities and provinces around China, our products are also exported to clients in countries and regions such as USA, Germany, Australia, UK, Italy, Taiwan.

By practicing the core value of “ Customer First, Passion Working”, Flydragon Technology Co., Ltd. look forward to work with customers all over the world hand in hand. In order to achieve the goal of caring sustainable good environment, safe and beautiful world, we will try our best to contribute our power.

“CNLINKO” connectors, connect people, connect the world, connect the future!



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