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The Small Details Should Never Be Ignored In Building Power System: Connectors

As we all known, connectors are popular in all kinds of electrical appliance, equipment, wires, and their qualities are varied in different environment. These years, the Stäubli has been asked for recalling back its fake-low MC4 in power station project again and again. No doubt, with the temptation of interest, the connectors with poor quality are fill with the market. It sometime makes the whole project miscarry when we choose the poor-quality connectors. How to put an end to this phenomenon and build a good power system?

1. Try to use the connectors from the same supplier in a project. Some purchaser would task that why not buy them from several suppliers and test out whose products are better? You may discover that the original headset always works better to your phone than the extra from other suppliers. Firstly, the connectors are made of different materials among different companies, some material will get chemical reaction with the connector from other suppliers. Secondly, the components are made of different molds, they cant match each other well. Thirdly, the different conductive parts makes the different resistances, which cut down the effect while in transmission.

2. Never trust a brand company deeply. In order to cut down the cost, some purchasers usually compared several brand-connector suppliers, and choose the cheapest one. They think the famous brand-product will be always better than the normal brand products. That why the Stäubli need to recall their products and refund happened. Whatever the connectors they are, the only criteria is their quality.Looking is so easily to be copied after all.

3. Take more attention to the development of working environment. These tears, with the frequent EI Nino happened, the environment transmission system become increasingly harsh, even the indoor transmission will get badly wet while it has heavy rain. So waterproof connectors will be not only used at outdoor and wet environment.


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